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December 29, 2021



The 3dRudder Wireless is a foot motion controller, a new kind of peripheral designed for handling motion at the feet while seated:
- It offers 4 axes, all progressive and combinable: forward/backward, left/right strafe, left/right turn, up/down,
- It enables 3 types of locomotion: flat, 3D (ex. Helicopter), and Steering (ex. Airplane piloting),
- Super intuitive, it lets you achieve in seconds impossible movements like orbiting around a target while shooting at it,
- It is used seated, providing a relaxing, effortless and secure experience to the user,
- Anyone can use it, even non gamers, in a matter of seconds,
- Finally, combined with the hand-tracking features of the Quest, it’s a game changer as the combination provides the users with an experience incredibly close to reality.

This setup and tutorial app will let you:
- Pair your 3dRudder with your Quest / Quest 2,
- Discover each of the 4 individual axis,
- Use those axes together in 2 experiences.

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