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September 16, 2021



Andromeda Sports is the first sporty exercise game in VR created to use it with elastic bands providing haptic feedback and resistance.

Slide with your hoverboard to participate in obstacle courses with procedurally generated circuits capable of infinite combinations within the incredible worlds of Andromeda.

In it’s different modes you will be able to train according to your physical level and keep track of your performance in both cardio and strength training.

Train hard to reach the top of the Leaderboard.

Andromeda Sports is an experience in development to which we will be adding new game modes, new worlds to train and compete in and more sports using this same concept.

Help us to make it better! Join our discord:

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October 31, 2021


Interesting controls and interesting way to get us to do squats (with resistance bands). I'd be interested in buying this if there was a way to disable motion of the environment, though. That's because my partner gets motion sickness if the environment moves on its own. I know this would be weird though: you'd be on a vehicle that doesn't move, but obstacles rush towards you. But hey, my partner really wants to work out with resistance bands.

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