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July 26, 2023


Sky UK

Angel Eyes is a cinematic reading experience born from the DNA of the Graphic Novel. Told in 9 'Episodes', each between 5-7 minutes, Angel Eyes is a unique spatial reading experience that brings to life traditional comic art with ambisonic sound and panel-based animation for a unique Virtual Reality experience.

Angel Eyes centres on Janus, an assassin with unparalleled skills, who is himself assassinated. While waiting in Purgatory Janus receives an offer from two angels, Sandolphin and Samuel, who request his services in maintaining an eons long balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Finding himself back on Earth and in the service of Heaven, Janus puts his skills to work, but all is not as it seems. A mysterious young woman, Mara, inserts herself into proceedings and the pair find themselves hurtling towards an apocalyptic future. As agents of Heaven and Hell clash and the Horde rises up, the future of mankind rests in a dead assassin's trigger finger.

Episode Details:
Episode 1: The Assassin - 5 mins
Episode 2: The Deal - 6:30 mins
Episode 3 The Target - 7 mins
Episode 4 - The Priest - 7:30 mins
Episode 5 - The Vessel - 5:30 mins
Episode 6 - The Angels - 6 mins
Episode 7 - The Truth - 7:30 mins
Episode 8 - The Pact - 7 mins
Episode 9 - The End? - 6 mins

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