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August 13, 2021


bHaptics Inc.

bHaptics Player App is a device manager which allows users to connect bhaptics devices with Oculus Quest to play natively supported games. Pairing a device in the Player will register it on the device, allowing any games to automatically connect to the devices. Main functions of this application are as follows;

1. Pair / Unpair: Users can Pair and unpair bHaptics' haptic devices. Once the haptic devices are paired with the app, it does not require any other pairing processes for Quest game which used the bHaptics SDK to provide haptic feedback.

2. Real-time Streaming: Users can see the haptic mappings on bHaptics Player (PC version) realtime using this application.

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August 15, 2021


This app is meant to be used with bhaptics gear. If you do not own their product make sure to check them out on their website (Google will help you finding them as I'm not sure if can paste link here). The bhaptics gear provide a new depth of immersion to the already immersive experience that is VR. This app allows user to connect easily and benefit from the bhaptics gear in supported games. To find the list of supported games head over bhaptics website and click on experiences, VR and then select the oculus quest in the devices list. Enjoy!

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