Apple Vision Pro: A New Era for Mixed Reality Apps and Games Apple Vision Pro: A New Era for Mixed Reality Apps and Games

January 29, 2024

Apple Vision Pro: A New Era for Mixed Reality Apps and Games

The much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro is set to revolutionize the mixed reality landscape. With its launch date on February 2nd, this article explores the confirmed apps, the gaming potential, and the overall prospects for developers in the Apple Vision Pro ecosystem.

Confirmed Apps for Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro App Store is expected to be launched with over 200 apps. Around 80 percent of the ~200 apps are free.However, it notably lacks popular apps such as YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix.  Here is the full list of confirmed apps launching on Apple Vision Pro.

One thing you didn't expect is that you will be able to send faxes with your Vision Pro. Simple Fax will be supported on Vision Pro.

Gaming on Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro will have access to over 250 games on Apple Arcade, but the device lacks dedicated controllers, relying solely on hand controls. Beyond that, the Vision Pro has the benefit of supporting Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

At the of writing, there are only 3 confirmed spatial games:

  • Game Room - play Chess, Solitaire, and more with another player.
  • Super Fruit Ninja - port of the popular mobile title Fruit Ninja.
  • What the Golf? - comedic sports game among Apple Arcade best games.

Some exciting demos seen on Apple Vision Pro:

Developing apps for  Apple Vision Pro

Developers can leverage Apple's native frameworks like Swift UI, Xcode, and the specialized Reality Composer Pro to create immersive apps for the Apple Vision Pro.

Unity also already supports development for Vision Pro with Unity for visionOS Beta.
This makes the process of creating games, apps, and other experiences more accessible than ever.  

Apple Vision Pro may not primarily be a gaming device, but it certainly heralds a new era in the realm of spatial computing. Currently, this platform appears to be an ideal playground for solo developers and small teams eager to delve into the uncharted territories of mixed reality.