Review: ZyberVR 3-in-1 Multipurpose Sticks Review: ZyberVR 3-in-1 Multipurpose Sticks

January 5, 2024

Review: ZyberVR 3-in-1 Multipurpose Sticks

Imagine kayaking or holding drumsticks while playing VR. In virtual reality, it's easy to forget that you're only holding controllers. But with the right accessories, you'll forget the real world even exists. The guys at ZyberVR reached out to us to try their Multipurpose 3-in-1 Sticks. We picked the best games that we thought the product could work the best with and tested it out.

How does it work?

You have 3 options how to set up the 3-in-1 stick. 

  • 2 grips on each controller
  • 1 extended grip on 1 controller
  • connect everything together to get a “paddle”


There's nothing to add to the installation of the accessory. Everything is really easy to set up and it really takes no time to change the grips. So let's go straight into every option and see how they did in actual VR games.

Two grips on each controller

The first game that came to our minds was Drums Rock. You wouldn't believe it, but the extra weight coming from the ends of the controllers gives you a whole another feeling from drumming. You really feel like holding the real drum sticks. Plus, if you play such games as a form of a workout, the weight adds an extra cardio to your training session.

We also tried this set up with Gorilla Tag-like games and even though the gorilla doesn't usually hold anything in his hands, it worked perfectly as a workout again.

On the other hand, while playing the legendary Beat Saber, we haven't noticed any added value compared to the original controllers. But of course, not all grips are suitable for all games.

One extended grip on a single controller

This option is obvious. If you like to play sports where you hold a bat or club with both hands, this grip will improve the feeling of playing by 200 %. We tested it for golf and baseball, and (although we almost smashed the TV in the heat) we have to say it's a game changer in that regard.

Connect everything together to get a “paddle”

While we didn't feel much of a difference when playing Beat Saber using single grips, using this grip and choosing Dark Maul mode is a whole different story. After we tried this grip, this mode is no longer playable with normal controllers.

This grip will also be very useful in any game where you hold a two-handed weapon.

And last but not least (as the name suggests) –⁠ kayaking. Even if you don't have a real paddle in your hand, after 5 seconds in VR you will absolutely forget about it.


ZyberVR 3-in-1 Multipurpose Sticks is an interesting and reasonably priced option to further enhance your VR gaming experience. Even if it is not applicable to every game, there are hundreds of games where it can be used quite effectively.

Check out ZyberVR store yourself and browse many products these guys offer. For example, we also tried their ZyberVR link cable and for this price it is one of the best cables for VR connection we had the opportunity to get. It is very durable and has a high transmission speed.