House defender - house scale technology in action House defender - house scale technology in action

August 10, 2022

House defender - house scale technology in action

Free roam VR experience right in your home. Movement is still one of the most challenging things to get right in VR. The disconnect between your virtual and physical movement takes something out of the VR experience. Generally, you either don't move and the game “comes” towards you, or you teleport/use a thumbstick.

My preferred way of interacting with the virtual world is to walk around. The immersion you gain from not needing to worry about hitting the wall head first is genuinely next level. You are no longer limited by needing to clear all the staff and furniture out of your play area. House defender lets you experience a free-roaming VR experience in your home. Scan multiple rooms easily and make a playground out of your whole house. 

The game is a simple wave shooter with some powerups you collect along the way. You also need to repair barriers that are attacked by the skeletons. Once one of the barriers is breached you lose and need to start over. Multiplayer is also supported and after a bit of set-up, you can defend your home with a friend.

Where it really shines is the level of immersion gained from the game adapting to your environment. You start with scanning your real environment. Walk around your play area and define the walls. Additionally, you can also scan objects like couches, tables, or any hip-level height objects that can be leaned over.

House defender uses 2sync SDK for scanning, description of virtual objects, procedural generations, and multiple user tracking. Hope we will see more games using this technology to provide even more immersive VR experiences.

House defender is available on AppLab