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August 3, 2021


CC Games

The most important features of our Chess:
* It has 10 different levels of difficulty
* Hints are available to show the most advantageous moves
* In the case of a mistake, you can use an undo option
* It has challenges with hundreds of chess puzzles.

Mini-game and Chess Puzzles
When you don't have time or energy for a full game, solve chess puzzles.
The puzzles are quick tasks of giving your opponent a checkmate, in a limited number of moves.

10 levels of difficulty
Are you a chess master or are you just a beginner? Regardless of that, you will find the level suitable for your chess skills. Choose from 10 different difficulty levels, train tactics and win!

Undoing movements
Have you made a mistake or want to try another tactic? Nothing simpler. Use the Undo button and win!

If you need a hint on how to best make your next move, use the Hint.

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