CLASHBOWL: Socialize & Make Friends By Playing Bowling Multiplayer Now


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August 23, 2021


Proeminent Code SRL

Socialize & Make Friends By Playing Bowling Multiplayer Now On 36 Real Venues & Win Rank

Have fun & enjoy the best bowling atmosphere & graphics!

Challenge your friends & family!

Relax & listen to your favorite music from YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music while you play bowling!

Exactly like in real life right from your own comfort

And without leaving your house!

Yeah, you heard it right!

You bring the cookies and drinks...

While we bring the fun!

Feel just like in a real bowling club due to our ultra realistic physics system and mind blowing graphics.

Freely move everywhere you want, not just on the bowling area!

Listen to your favorite music while you play!

Enjoy the amazing bowling venues!

See your score live on a huge TV (just like in real life)

Compete against others and be in top ranking!

Explore the venues and conquer their top ranking!

1. Las Vegas

2. Jukju Castle

3. Space Station

4. Winterberg

5. Alberta

6. Balaceanca

7. Rome

8. London

9. Rio de Janeiro

10 . Oymyakon

11. Luxor

12. Tabuk

13. Ankara

14. Athens

15. Persopolis

16. New York

17. Cernobyl

18. Zijincheng

19. Tokyo

20. Bahamas

21. Paris

22. Amsterdam

23. Tenerife

24. Rovaniemi

25. Bagdad

26. Jerusalem

27. Zermatt

28. Siberia

29. Sequoia National Park

30. Al Kufrah

31. Tenochca

32. Beverly Hills

33. Moscow

34. Vienna

35. Titanic

36. Dubai

Much more are on their way out!

Anyway, good luck with the first strike!

Now grab the game and let's see you in action!

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November 17, 2021


Nice bowling game. The atmosphere is really cool, the room and the alley are quite pretty. There is an screen to recap the scores, and record shoot a close-up of the end of the track during the throws. You can discover things in the menu room. Upstairs from the bowling alley there are even two pool tables which are unplayable as they are. Strictly speaking, we cannot launch a game of billiards, we can push the balls, badly use the cues, it is not playable as it is. We're here for the bowling anyway, and that's working pretty well and is fun to play. Of course, we do not feel the weight of the ball, but the physics is quite correct, the ball and the pins react correctly. The game need a little polishes to by really perfect for me, but for the price the game is pretty correct.

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