Mompox Colombia 360


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January 31, 2022


Perspektiva 360

Colombia in 360: Mompox - Timeless Magical Realism

“Mompox does not exist, sometimes we dream of her, but she does not exist”.
Gabriel García Márquez.

Set out on the journey to discover an ancient city hidden among the tropical forests and swamps of Colombia, opening a magical book that will tell you the stories and send you to know every corner of Santa Cruz de Mompox.

Turn the pages of Mompox, Timeless Magic Realism and visit the old port of the Magdalena River, a place of great wealth and commerce during the colonial era. Stroll through places that were witnesses to Colombian history, such as Liberty Square, enjoying a selection of beautiful 360 photographs of this city frozen in time, preserved as an open-air museum and declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Learn about the mompossian culture, the mysteries that its cemetery keeps and the amazing art of weaving jewels with gold threads. With this interactive VR tour, you can experience the charm of Colombia wherever you are.

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February 15, 2022


It is a very nice experience. I never imagined that seeing a Colombian town as isolated as Mompox would be so entertaining. I know the place, I have been able to go a couple of times for my work and when I was there I heard stories, but I had not had the opportunity to know some places that I could see in the application and learn about them. And the book is definitely another way of reading. Because it is not a tourist guide that you read on a tablet, nor is it an article on a blog or a video where you can only see what they show you. It's all a beautiful 360 photograph that surrounds you completely, so I felt like I was walking there again. The application is very good to take the glasses, relax for a while, get out of the routine, read and learn something new. As a Colombian and photography lover, I love it, it makes me proud and I recommend it. I will see Mompox with new eyes the next time I visit.

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