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September 22, 2023


NP Software

Have you ever been in Madeira? Did you ever saw the beauty that this island can offer? Now you got an opportunity to fast travel there, just by putting your headset on.

Immerse yourself into 360 3D videos of the nicest locations on the island. Let your headset take you there in full 360 3D with spatial audio in max allowed quality.Feel the heights of the cliffs, the beauty of the hills and forests. Relax on a beach, walk along levadas or visit Funchal .

Listen to a narrative voice over description of each location in English, Chinese, German and Portuguese!

Currently there are 73 viewpoints from 21 scenes, where you can travel.
In each scene (touristic hot spot) you have usually around 3-7 viewpoints, where you can immerse yourself into the beauty of Madeira.
But be careful, sometimes the locations are on an edge of a cliff, or on a glass platform. If you look at them in the immersive 360 3D view, you might get a bit dizzy.

In the future, there are still a few viewpoints to add, together with time-lapses.

It might be one of the biggest apps in your headset, but I hope the experience is really worth it. (Currently around 13GB)

Your next holiday is just a point and click away!

Enjoy it now!

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