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August 24, 2023


Digital Emergence Ltd

Control Tower VR puts the player in the role of an air traffic controller that draws lines in 3-dimensional space to guide each aircraft to its runway while avoiding other aircraft and obstacles in the environment. There are 5 types of aircraft to land: commercial airliner, private plane, glider, helicopter, and zeppelin. Each aircraft present a different set of characteristics, for example, a glider cannot climb unless it is in an updraft.

There are 2 game modes: Play Now and Career.
“Play Now” is an open-ended gameplay; the player must safely land as many aircraft as possible while the difficulty increases over time. “Career” is also open-ended gameplay but requires a minimum target score to a medal which unlocks the next map. Career mode offers a variety of challenges such as UFO attacking your planes or having airplanes go next to a point of interest before landing.
Both Play Now and Career has 5 different maps, each presenting a different set of challenges.

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