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April 12, 2023


Plazma Studio

Get into the shoes of a tactical warlord genius. Strategize, explore, and conquer as you build your own intergalactic empire. Engage in ultimate warfare and venture beyond the observable universe. Mastermind crucial decision-making and employ indirect control of units, relying on your strategic brilliance to outwit opponents.

Expansion is an immersive VR adventure with unique gameplay that blends strategy, action, exploration, and tactics, testing the limits of your intelligence and ability to devise intricate maneuvers. Assemble your battle squads, strategize their tactics, and engage in intense multiplayer battles to dominate resources and establish your intergalactic dominion.

The universe awaits! Will you rise to the challenge? Dive straight into the battle! Embark on a VR journey like no other in Expansion.

Immersive VR Sci-Fi Experience
Tactical Multiplayer Battles
Strategic Indirect Unit Control
Boundless World Exploration

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