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March 29, 2021


Cover Drive Cricket

Missing cricket and wanting to be back at the crease? Cover Drive Cricket puts you at the heart of the action!

Set huge scores batting first, or prove you can handle the pressure chasing down a target. Test your skills against a Challenge, and try to survive against a wide variety of different bowlers.

"a no brainer for cricket lovers"

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- 10, 20 and 50-over games against AI opponents,
- Super Over, Survival and Target challenges (plus Spin-only challenges!)
- Unlimited Practice,
- 16 bowling styles and 4 difficulty levels,
- Track your stats to see where every delivery hit the bat, where your shots go and how you can improve against each type of bowler,
- Play against your friends with real-time chat in PvP multiplayer,
- Left- or right-handed batting, with vibration feedback,
- Play with your real bat,
- Leaderboards,
- Achievements,
- Replay mode - replay every delivery to see how you can improve
- Fireworks!

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January 11, 2022


Would like to start this review by paying the devs a massive compliment, the game is brilliant and one that since downloading in October, I have played everyday. Devs should really be proud of what they’ve created so far. With the latest update, for me the game has become noticeably easier somehow? I play on the pro difficulty and have found my average has improved massively since the update which is a little disappointing from a challenge perspective. Another noticeable issue is once a fast bowler has bowled one ball short that goes for 5 wides, they will then continue the rest of the over in the same fashion repeating the same ball. The short pitched bowling in previous version were very good whereas now it doesn’t have the same effect. Do you plan to add higher difficulties? Or potentially different bowlers in the pro difficulty as it would be nice to face different styles instead of the same ones repeatedly. I like the idea of the smart fielding but for some reason from a regular players perspective, the fielders now take longer to chase the ball and shots which I previously would get a 1 for have turned into 3’s & 4’s. My last question/suggestion, is there any thinking behind creating custom options when it comes to gameplay. For example I always play t20 v pro, now the highest target I can ever get to chase is 200, at 10 an over this isn’t too much of a challenge. It would be a great addition at the game menu to choose to bat first or chase, and then set the target? This would then bring a much more challenging aspect to the game allowing players such as myself to chase much higher targets than currently possible. As I said at the start devs this really is my favourite game, the realism of the gameplay is outstanding and what you have created is truly brilliant and what I have put is by no means complaints, only suggestions as a loyal supporter & fan. Thought I would leave this review just to get a bit of dialogue between myself and you guys.

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