Crash Course Coordination


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June 2, 2021


Lobaki, Inc

Crash Course Coordination (C3) is the first VR Experience developed solely to affect abilities useful in just about any sport you enjoy.
Vision is a significant factor for optimal sports performance, and regular use of C3 may improve it through “Brain Training.” From hand-eye coordination, awareness of the position of your limbs in space without looking at them, and the ability to see something "out of the corner of your eye," visual prowess has ties to optimal athletic performance.
C3 is a selection of Oculomotor Exercises, designed to help you concentrate on tracking, focusing and perception with your eyes. It includes 6 distinct, entertaining techniques used to stimulate the Vestibular System. C3 does not guarantee enhanced performance or efficiency. It is designed to allow you to utilize your vision and perception in fun and challenging ways. For entertainment purposes only.

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