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The streets are being overrun...

You have been handpicked as one of the elite few to go on high-risk missions and save the city. You're authorized to take down the enemy at any means possible.

On your six! Take cover!

Crisis Brigade 2 reloaded is about covering, pointing and shooting, fast-paced pure action. Intense shootouts, powerful weapons, challenging levels, fierce enemies... Like the 90's classic arcade machines, but with the immersion that Virtual Reality is capable of.

---> Co-op multiplayer mode available <---

• Leaderboards
• Intense physical gameplay.
• Fight through a variety of realistic scenarios.
• 4 difficulty levels.
• Awesome boss battles.
• Lots of different weapons.
• Collect and unlock upgrades to equip before the battle.
• Choose your weapon and player skins.

We’ll see you on the other side, soldier...

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February 4, 2022


Having played and enjoyed the original crisis vrigade i was excited tovplay the sequel and boy does it not disappoint. they took everything that was fun about the first game and improved on it all! Dont get me wrong the game is brutally difficult at points but not to the point it feels unfair. You get in the mindset that just one more go will be enough to conquer the level. the bhaptic support works amazingly well too!! well worth a purchase

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