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September 8, 2021


Defective Penguin Games

Rain down a deluge of droid destruction while avoiding the hazards of an alien world in this fast paced arcade shoot em up.

Pitted against an army of murderous mechs you must battle your way through a myriad of locales from overrun space ports to bubbling lava filled volcanoes in order to escape the Warchasm. To aid you in your fight against the alien onslaught you will have an array of weapons at your disposal from ray guns and blasters to devastating mortars and high tech, quad missile launchers.

You will need a cool head, a keen eye and razor sharp reflexes as you fight off the alien horde and make your way through this perilous VR adventure.

So grab your guns, dive in to the action and experience your first Warchasm!

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December 2, 2021


Ride a minecart tilting your body left and right avoiding stuff, I admit I didn't really think this way anything special at first beyond being well made technically. Then I decided to play it on my bean bag chair which allowed for amazing freedom to move my body and it quickly felt like I was sitting in a minecart for real. If you have the right kind of seating this game is seriously a great time. Featured in Oculus Quest Seated Games Video - https://youtu.be/Naxha7wgbDQ

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