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November 8, 2021


Cooperative Innovations

Museum of Plastic 2121 is the first museum tour available on Curatours!

Built 100 years from now in an imagined future where things have worked out well for both the planet and humanity. Visitors can uncover the story of plastic - its history, science, industry, and impact on our environment. They will learn the importance of establishing a circular economy and find out how activism and individual action happening now will lead to positive change in the future.

Every Thursday in November 2021 we will be opening a new wing of the Museum of Plastic.

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December 24, 2021


You walk around a small VR museum about plastic. It is well presented by a clear and sexy British female voice. I enjoyed it and learned. And it is free. I was surprised it didn't mention the company "the ocean cleanup". On the negative side, there is a small bug that didn't run anything on the 6th video on the industry side. I also wished the voice will turn on automatically when you get close to the spot. Finally I hope you could show us the molecules in VR, maybe more art and recommended books on this subject, and map where each paintings are located and where the garbage is sent, which country pollute more, the air quality, etc .. The presentation is better than Anne frank house VR, and plundering the beginning of a genocide.

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