David Slade Mysteries: Case Files


Release date

March 15, 2021


Gear Worx Productions

Take to the dark and violent streets of downtown Riverside, where you investigate gruesome and violent homicides using a range of Forensic tools and your wits! Inspired by the classic Police Quest adventure series, reborn & reimagined for VR.

Includes two epic episodes!

Episode One - Apartment 202: Fresh out of the academy, you're thrown face-first into the dark and violent underbelly of Riverside. Investigate your first homicide, outwit a killer and solve a string of murders decades old.

Episode Two - Memories Of The Past: 5 Years after the events of the Apartment 202 case, you come face to face with horrors, unlike anything you have ever witnessed. In a game of cat and mouse, you must outwit the killers hot on your trail.

Definitive Edition Features:
- Use forensic tools to examine, collect & process evidence, to build your case.
- Localization (English Audio & Subtitles + Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian)
- Full spoken dialogue (English + Subtitles)
- Full cinematic soundtrack by renowned composer Michael Gordon Shapiro.
- Remastered visuals and core code, from the ground up!
- Remastered HD Cinematic Cutscenes.
- and much more.


**This game is designed to be challenging and does not hold your hand, So if you need: support, tips & tricks, please hop over to my discord: https://discord.gg/aNWAu4p8kE Where we can help.

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January 22, 2022


I can’t wait for Episode 2!

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