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November 28, 2022



Run, hide, be a explorer and don't get lost! watch out whatever comes in your way!
You and your monke friends are exploring the liminal spaces, but god if you hear something it sure has hell heard you.
You need internet access to play with your friends, you won't be glad if you don't find other explorers.
You will be chilled to the bone if there aren't any other players but don't worry your never alone in a liminal space!
this game was designed to give information about the backrooms and what would it be like exploring it with your fellow friends.

This game was inspired by workingclassduck's backrooms game.
His game includes monsters, multiplayer and gorilla locomotion!
So I got a little creative and have made the Monkerooms!

Credits to stereo monke aka ( creator of mouse runners ) for helping me with the game!!
Go check out mouse runners!

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