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June 22, 2023


Beyond Frames Entertinament

Hey, you! Welcome to the island of Pequena! ️ Dead Man's Quest is a narrative hand-tracking and puzzle short story and technical demonstration, lovingly wrapped in a light-hearted and quirky pirate theme ‍️!

With its carefree, comical, and visually exaggerated style, Dead Man's Quest features colorful characters, a perky parrot and quippy narrated dialogue. With hand-tracking controls, you embody an... well, unusual character in a precarious situation as you wake up in a holding cell in the Fort. Did we mention you need to solve some puzzles to escape?

Dead Man's Quest is the result of the developers' exploration into hand-tracking technologies and their love for games such as “Monkey Island” and movies such as “Life of Brian”. The experience is not intended as a full game. We hope you enjoy it!

Note that the experience is meant to be played in one go, no save system is currently in place. Controller support is optional as desired.

*** Dead Man's Quest does not support Quest 1 headsets ***

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