Exit Condition One Demo


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July 22, 2021


Damon Poole

The full game, in early release, is available here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4463936340397965/

This is a classic escape room game built exclusively for VR using roomscale to give you the experience of really being there. Walking is fully supported. Your hands and all objects act just like in the real world, no "ghost objects." The puzzles are all tightly interwoven into the room and feel more like problems that need to be solved rather than puzzles that need to be figured out. This is the demo of the full game (coming soon). There's about an hour of playtime.

Cool Features
- Roomscale ( walking, locomotion, teleporting, stationary, sitting all supported)
- In-game visualization of the guardian to align physical and virtual spaces
- Drone with unique 3D controller
- Full use of physics
- VR within VR
- Fireworks display for finishing
- Dynamic background music
- In-game hint system
- Distance grab assist

There is a discord here: https://discord.gg/2NfBumhKQD .

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February 5, 2022


I cant wait for the full game. Gameplay was smooth. Puzzles were interesting and fun to figure out and room interaction was smooth and exciting. Great game. Excited for future of vr escape rooms. Thank you developers

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