Escape Room Online


Release date

May 22, 2023


Skonec Entertainment

There is only one purpose, Open the door and escape!

The cursed doll's room.
Everything in the room is a hint.
Like a tightly closed child's heart,
this room is locked by itself and cannot be opened anymore.

- How can I enjoy the game more fun?
It's fun alone, but if you don't like the game being difficult or scary, invite a friend.
Even difficult puzzles are overcome together by sharing each other's thoughts and putting their heads together through voice chat.
Work with up to 4 people to find and solve hints!

- I want to play a game with my friend!
First of all, I am contacting a friend who will play with me after a long time.
If the relationship is awkward, try [Buy for a friend].

Please tell your friend [room code] who bought the game after making the room.
Friends who are invited as guests simply enter the room code and prepare.
Done! Play the game [start] and enjoy room escape with your friends.

- I want to play with my friends who live in other countries.
It has been updated so that you can play with friends from other countries. Please enjoy!

We look forward to your feedback.
We will gradually improve our functions by collecting various opinions, and in the official version, we will visit you with more episodes.

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