Paranormal Inspector


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August 23, 2022


Dream Challenger

As Inspector Franklin, a rookie police detective, you are assigned to resolve different paranormal cases.

Case 1: Prichard State Hospital
explore the mystery behind Prichard State Hospital where a team of student researchers of the paranormal have gone missing while studying hauntings at the sanitarium in a small, spooky New England town.

What looks like an ordinary missing person case will turn out to be anything but as you look for evidence, explore the haunted hallways and come face-to-face with the ghostly presence haunting the cursed hospital. Can you solve the mystery behind the missing students and uncover the troubled past of the hospital before it’s too late?

Case 2: Seven School Mysteries
In a quiet town, there is an abandoned school. Legend has it that seven incredible events occur in this school, known as the "Seven School Myst". These events seem to be related to the paranormal and the mysterious atmosphere of the campus. However, there is a reasonable explanation behind every event, but for various reasons, it has been rendered into a mysterious legend.

The game is free, but please support me by giving us 5 stars feedback or donating via Thank you.

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