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January 19, 2021



In Descent Alps, skiing is controlled by moving the whole body.
You shift your body weight and lean into the curve. You hunch
down to carve the skies and make quick turns.

Descent Alps have been available for one year in various pre-release versions. The game has been downloaded close to 100k times and the slopes have been worn down by pre-release skiers. All feedback and knowledge gathered during the first year of Descent Alps have evolved the game into its first full release. The core remains the same, but the experience has been refined and is now faster, better, bigger, and easier accessible!

Note: This is the DEMO version of Descent Alps. The full game is available on App Lab.

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July 4, 2021


After watching the game trailer I'll admit I was a little skeptical. The movements looked too good to be true, but I love the snow so I was eager to try it anyway. I bought the paid version, but the demo is the same. Wow! After the first few runs, I was hooked! The movement is sublime, and when coupled with music it's almost trance-like. I actually feel my knees rising and falling as I glide over mounds and can feel my body weight shift as I lean into a corner. The audio and music are great, with the sound perfectly matching what your skis are doing. The graphics are good too. There are one or two cartoon-style moments here and there but they're few and far between. There's heaps of trails, most of which are easy to unlock which means you can honestly spend time doing what you love most - skiing down the side of a mountain! If you want, there's slalom gates, trees, and rocks to dodge and there's even a Super-G course. Once unlocked, you can also activate the infinite mode allowing you to ski a trail indefinitely (read: the trail doesn't end after 2 minutes when you reach the finish line, it just keeps going!). No idea why this one's still stuck in App Lab, it should totally be on the main store. This game gets fired up every time I turn on my headset, even if it's just one quick trail before climbing into bed after a long day.

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