Digging Simulator 2020 - BETA


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July 19, 2021



2021 NOTE : Have had some bugs flagged which explains the bad reviews, this was a project upgrade and port to App Lab so I could work on new stuff - please be patient while I resolve :)

Have you ever wished that wherever you were you could just dig a hole? Have you ever lost a rental deposit for digging too many holes in the backyard? What about ruining a camping trip because someone sprained their ankle after standing in a hole you dug in the middle of the night.

If so, Digging Simulator is for you!

Digging Simulator lets you dig infinite holes, using your skill, power and technique to cleave and shape the earth. As you progress you gain new tools, and learn new ways to make your mark on the benighted ground.

- Virtual Reality digging game - (currently available on quest)
- Strike terrain to dig and explore
- Collect treasure and unlock the depths below
- Discover new tools to make new holes, or power up old ones
- VR trackers mean velocity and direction create your hole

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September 19, 2021


I was expecting a soulless cave digger clone, but was pleasantly surprised. It definitely has some bugs, (you can teleport and see through grass if you slightly move into it) but I had some good fun playing through it. The secrets were fun to explore. I never found a way to use my money though. In the end, I’m looking forward from seeing more from this game. Edit: Please add smooth locomotion and climbing if possible

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