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August 14, 2022



Embark on an epic VR journey in "Dinosaur Engineer," where a Synthwave aesthetic meets towering metallic dinosaurs in a sandbox universe that transforms the nostalgia of toy dinosaurs into an immersive digital reality.

In the innovative "DinoLab," you won't just create; you'll engineer. With an extensive selection of presets at your disposal, players can outfit their metallic beasts with diverse materials and weaponry. It's a place of invention, where you can construct a prehistoric titan that resonates with your personal flair.

Artistic souls will find their canvas in "Dino Paint," a creative enclave where dinosaurs become unlikely artists, wielding lasers to sketch out large-scale artworks. Here, armed with a guiding gun, players direct these artistic behemoths, turning canvases into collaborative works of laser-etched art.

The action intensifies in the "Battleground," a high-stakes arena where laser and turret-equipped dinosaurs await. This is where strategy meets spectacle, as players engage in tactical ranged combat, dodging and firing in dynamic dinosaur skirmishes.

And for those who dare to step into the ring, "Dino Boxing" is in development, promising future rounds of adrenaline-fueled, mano-a-mano combat with these steel colossi.

"Dinosaur Engineer" isn't just a game; it's a portal to a prehistoric playground, reviving the wonder of dinosaur toys in a grand VR landscape.

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