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January 19, 2024


Deep Matrix

Dixotomia - a thrilling VR shooter, set in a world of a sci-fi dystopia. Dive into the daily life of a SpecOps contractor, who is forced to fight vampires while also trying to stay sane without giving in to infection himself. Together you will reveal what secrets a recently colonized planet Carna hides on its surface.
Faced with a merciless and bloodthirsty opponent, the protagonist Ron Adams must survive, no matter the cost. But the situation shifts, and not in his favour...
Through the use of various modern weaponry, or with the awakened potential of superpowers - get to the core of the truth surrounding this world and answer the most important question: can one stay human when a monster awakens inside?
• Two distinct skill trees - modify and upgrade your gear and weapons or invest into devastating vampire skills;
• Non-linear storyline – decide which side you will end up on: humanity or the vampires;
• Advanced enemy A.I. – be wary of the the hunter becoming the hunted.

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