Waifu's Spooky Space Station VR


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May 20, 2021


MiraiMada Games

The WSS space station was once one of humanity's best-known academy for idols and super stars . But nowadays it is just a place where myths and spooky stories are made.

In Waifu's Spooky Space Station you will have the opportunity to wander through the hundreds of modules of the labyrinthine WSS and discover its secrets and mysteries. But be careful! There are rumors that says the station is cursed and inhabited by the most chilling beings...

Game Features:

* First Person: Discover the rooms of the WSS from a first person perspective.
* Procedural Generation: The WSS will be different every time you get in!
* Immersive Story: Explore the space station and find out what happened to it and the people who inhabited it.
* Manga-Anime Aesthetics: "Toon" visuals like those seen in manga and anime.
* Terrifying Beings: Different beings, waifus and specimens are waiting for you...
* Various Endings: The endings will vary depending on your actions and your discoveries.

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February 7, 2022


I like what I’ve played sofar in this game. I’ve only gotten to room 75 so I haven’t had much encounters with the ghost, but it definitely got my blood pumping. I normally have a difficult time playing vr horror games like fnaf help wanted, but this definitely is spooky but not terrifying and it’s a lot of fun. It reminds me a bit of spookys haunted mansion. I think it was worth the 5$. I am also impressed about the lore of the game. Good job devs!

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