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March 21, 2022



Broaden your creative horizons as you step into the world of Drawing Desk VR! Designed for all artists, our app brings you 2 creative modes that you can choose from and a fun way for you to showcase your work!

Painting Space
Perhaps you’re a seasoned artist looking for a more advanced experience. Then you’ll love the app’s Painting Mode, which includes a wider array of creative tools that produce life-like effects:
Interactive canvas with adjustable height, width and angle
Interactive brush holder with several drawing tools - Pencil, Paint Brush, Line Brush, Palette Knife, Sponge, Smudge Cloth and Eraser
Interactive palette holder with adjustable drawer
Pre-made color palette with accompanying paint tubes for mixing colors realistically
Undo/Redo functions
Options to clear canvas and color palette

Drawing Lab
Looking to start simple? Then this mode is just for you! Work with a set of simple yet effective drawing supplies:
Paint Brush
Spray Can
Complete Color Palette
Undo/Redo options
Adjustable brush radius

Art Gallery
Every artist deserves to showcase masterpieces. And now you can too with Drawing Desk’s own VR Art Gallery! Select your best drawings, frame then and place them in your own personalised gallery, wherever you choose!

Drawing Desk One Account
If you’ve already explored Drawing Desk on our iOS or Google Play app, you can now use your existing Drawing Desk account on our VR app too! Simply sign in and access your artworks from our mobile app

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March 25, 2022


First, thank you developers for this wonderful coloring app, I love to do more paintings in VR as just a new learner of painting. Don't know how to draw or to paint, and with app I want to learn more. Please continue to improve the user interface, so it is easy for beginners to start. Yes I do recommend this app for everyone to try and have fun. And more update Please to improve its function and usage. Thank you

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