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April 10, 2021


Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.

The world of expression will transform from the conventional two-dimensional space to an even richer three-dimensional space which connects us to the real world.
STYLY is the VR creative platform for “Ultra Experience” created by artists all over the world.
You can explore over 10,000 unique VR scenes in STYLY, created by artists / creators around the world who embody modern culture, including fashion, music, video and graphics. All these scenes can be accessed for free.

◯You can experience over 10000 VR Scenes.
Over 10,000 VR scenes from various genres, including art, fashion, music, entertainment, architecture, and more are gathered. By accessing the STYLY Gallery, you can find your favorite VR scenes.

◯Keep your favorite VR scenes by LIKE and with My List.
STYLY provides users many features, including the My List which allows users to create lists with their favorite VR spaces, and follow other creators / check their latest works.

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August 29, 2021


I'm not quite sure what this is billed as but I consider it another VR content environment-y explorer app. Well, it's focused on the art stuff too. I like it, there's alot of content here to explore. Plenty of photogrammatery and stuff too. Pretty high-brow curation here. I don't remember if I had to make a guest account or what not.

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