Energysaber Masta VR


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March 9, 2021


DreamTeam Mobile

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Just kidding

But imagine yourself standing in magnet boots on top of the spaceship, overlooking a galaxy, equipped with 2 energysabers with built-in rail-guns, hearing this alien synth sound alarming you about the drones coming up in different shapes and styles. Be the masta of your sabers and your people. Protect yourself and protect them.

Physical and mind activities:
- 360 arm swings
- 180 body rotation
- Squats
- Dodging lasers
- Precision training
- Attention exercising
- Spaceship walking if you have enough room

It's a VR deep-space experience.
It's a survival game.
Good luck!

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May 20, 2021


From the screenshots and video I expected it to be similar to Beat Saber. Except for the light sabers the similarity ends there. There is much more complexity to the game, you will aim and shoot as much as swing and even block incoming enemy fire. Set your expectation for a cool Star Wars themed arcade game and you will not be disappointed! I am sure a lot more refinement is still in the works, but Energysaber Masta is already a fun experience, well worth the position in the Occulus Store.

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