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February 14, 2022



A physics-based online sword fighting VR game.

Hit your opponent's headset with your sword. Protect your headset from your opponent's weapons by parrying or dodging.

game rules
・Can only use weapons ・Can only attack the opponent's headset
·For the sake of fairness, the range of player activities is limited to one step
·After the preparation is completed, enter the duel stage for a duel
·The faster you swing your weapon, the more damage you can do. The farther the opponent's weapon is sent flying.
・After the weapon collides, there will be an offset that prevents you from swinging the sword accurately and continuously. Of course, you can take advantage of this offset with repeated practice.
· The game is 2 rounds with 7 points. The first person to score 7 points wins 1 round. Win 2 rounds to win the game.

As mentioned above, the single-player game provided by the game is limited. If you are a solo player, you may not have a good experience.
You can add friends in our Discord to make an appointment to play together at a fixed time.
Our Discord:https://discord.gg/hY7uA8ppv7
The game needs a certain amount of real space to play, be careful not to hit the wall, the game defaults to 90Hz refresh rate, 72Hz Quest users will be at a disadvantage in confrontation, please buy carefully.
The game can be matched with Steam and Pico(CN) cross-platform.

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July 21, 2022



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