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November 9, 2022


Frontlink Technology

Farming Tractor is a VR adventure game that lets players experience real-life driving and farming on farm. In addition to growing plants, feeding animals, and other farm activities, players can now enjoy two new categories: Modern Drone Farming and Risky Roads.

In Modern Drone Farming, players can operate a flying drone to survey the farm area, sprinkle pest control, and even shoot wild animals. This new feature provides a realistic drone operating experience for players.

In Risky Roads, players will face thrilling adventures as they navigate their tractor through risky off-road paths while completing various tasks.

Furthermore, we have also added a new feature that lets players experience night farming. With the backdrop of a dark and stormy night, players can immerse themselves in the sound of chirping crickets and the occasional flash of lightning.

As always, players can access a tutorial to better understand the game, and enjoy nature-themed music and unique graphics animations.

- Grow and harvest crops
- Watering plants
- Modern Farming irrigation
- Scientific Drone Farming
- Feed animals
- Dark and stormy night in farm
- Adventure on risky surrounding roads
- Nature music in background
- Unique and excellent graphics animations
- Real tractor driving
- Tutorial for understand game

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