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May 18, 2021


Tonic Games Australia

Open World Farming Sandbox
Work your overgrown forest into a thriving farm! Clear the forests, grow crops, keep animals, craft fences and more! Turn a wild landscape into your dream farmstead.

Demo Features:
9 plants, vegetables and fruit to grow
3 Layers - trees, bushes and root vegetables
Customised garden layouts - dig your plots in your own grid design
Locomotion Options - smooth locomotion, snap turning and teleport locomotion options
Tree logging - clear forests with your axe and recycle lumber into soil
Crafting Fences and more - to protect your crops and decorate your farm
Animals - feed, pet, and fence in rabbits
Search the land - Forage, fish or break stones in search of raw ingredients
Day/Night cycle - Controlling the weather and making your farm scenic

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May 16, 2021


From what I’ve played of this game so far I’ve loved it, the axe mechanics when chopping the trees is great that’s my favorite part, but as a lot of games on app lab there are some things that could be fixed. For one I haven’t been able to fish well because the line likes to have a seizure in the water. I think the water should have physics of its own so the line of the fishing rod doesn’t spaz out like it does in the air. Other than that though and the occasional rabbit stealing my hand when I try to grab it it’s a great game and I look forward to future updates and versions

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