Galactic Bar Fight


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March 12, 2021


Weird Kid Studios

*** Over 15,000 Downloads, thank you !

Get ready for a Galactic Bar Fight!

Galactic Bar Fight is a fast-paced arena combat game starting in Pegasus, an intergalactic watering hole in the distant future and then take a tour across the galaxy to various environments all over.

Players will be able to complete a variety of our 340+ challenges in both our pegasus hub where they can destroy training droids, practice shooting holograms, observe Hologram stage performers, and more. As well as the in-combat challenges players will be randomly served.

Within the bar arenas players will creatively dispatch enemies using blasters of all types. Featuring 13 unique weapons to Slash , smash , deflect, dissolve, burn , and split your enemies. and using Powerups to tip the edge in combat in their own favor.

All feedback is welcome - come help shape the future of Galactic Bar
Fight as we continue to expand the feature set with suggestions from
the community!

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July 17, 2021


So I played this game and was very disappointed but I played it recently and was super stoked to see how much fun it has become Only thing I would say is add more maps and enemy types maybe even a climbing ability

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