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December 15, 2022


Another Axiom

Reject Humanity.

Run, climb, and jump in VR using a unique locomotion method that only needs the movement of your hands and arms. No buttons, no sticks, no teleportation. Push off of surfaces to jump and squeeze them with both hands to climb.

There are four different game modes - From simple Tag, for up to 3 players, or infection mode, with 4 or more. The Hunt game mode gives you a unique personal target to chase down. Paintbrawl is a team vs. team paintball battle using slingshots.

Run from the other gorillas, or outmaneuver the survivors to catch them. Parkour up trees and cliff faces to evade and chase monke down. Hang out in a virtual jungle with randos or group up in a private room with friends to hang out and play. The stakes are low, so feel free to just chat or make up your own games. The movement is easy to learn, and hard to master. Crossplay with the PC versions of the game, so play with anyone on any platform.

There are six different levels to explore. Each with their own topography that form routes and obstacles to play on.

Visit our store in the City, with a rotating inventory of items to buy, play with, and wear to express your true monke.

Become Gorilla.

Mod and Fan Content Policy details at gorillatagvr.com/gorillatagvr-mod-policy/

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February 13, 2022


Monke game good me like monke me get cut me now sad 1 hour later me play again I become monke in real life me now monke in monke game

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