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March 14, 2024


Clique Games

Live in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle with all your Monkey friends! Swing on vines, throw doo at your enemies, and climb everything!

- Huge Maps: Explore the Bermuda Jungle, Floating Forests, Ancient Ruins, Lava Chasm, and more

- Unique Gamemodes: Be the first to collect 10 bananas or work together to fend off hordes of crocs -- new modes are coming all the time

- Monkey Apparel: Customize your body color, equip face & head cosmetics, and stylize your doo

- Ruby Mines: Explore a seemingly endless set of tunnels filled with lore, new NPC's, and our Battle Pass! Unlock exclusive rewards like Cosmetics, Doos, Boosters, and more with free and paid rewards!

Themed Cosmetics & Hands-on Fun: Get your hands on... well, new Hand cosmetics! Plus, a bunch of wacky, interactive items like things you can eat, press, and shake to your heart's content.

Hidden Treasures: Dive into a revamped store experience and hunt for secrets - like a mysterious portal leading to a hidden market. Plus, uncover new secrets via the plane!

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