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December 29, 2021


eStudio NooN

Welcome to Wacky Farms, home of the world largest pit-less avocados!

On the farm your job is to smash the avocados as quickly as they appear. You keep smashing and they keep coming. And at all cost avoid smashing the rotten avocados.

Game Features:
Timer Mode: Just like the classic arcade game Whac-a-Mole, get as many as possible within the time limit.
Survival Mode: Continuous play, but miss enough avocados in a row and you will be eliminated!
Three playable game boards, each with its own level of difficulty/skill.
Up to 8 players can compete using one headset.
Left handed smashers compatible.
Dual wield feature, for extra smashability!

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January 17, 2022


Fun, cute & simple but the mechanics remind me of the HIT section of FitXR. If the table was turned so it’s a wall instead of a table this would be a nice little workout app! Please consider doing that. And if you could punch the avocados (or make them balloons or something) instead of the hammer, even better. The sounds and splatter effects are satisfying. I’m always looking for more fun workout apps and this could be one with a few minor changes! And this counts towards the Move app in calories and exercise minutes I wouldn’t even mind an empty space with a choice of skyboxes and a simple wall with a bunch of shapes popping out using the same mechanics as the avocados and punching them with cool sound fx and explosions. Hope the devs consider this. It doesn’t even have to be a rhythm game, just punching and explosions. It would also be nice if your score was saved so you could try to beat your score. As it is, this game is cute and fun, but I could definitely see this made into so much more with a few changes. The app warns that you need a lot of space, but you really don’t. I played while sitting on my bed. I might even try playing this first thing in the morning in bed to give me the energy to get out of bed lol.

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