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July 30, 2021


Masami Kuroki

According to the theory of relativity, discovered by Einstein about 100 years ago, space-time distorts around moving or heavy objects.
This content will feature time and how much time will be distorted if you move very fast. Based on the actual theory, you can experience the time difference.
The content is roughly divided into two, and you can experience all the content by proceeding in order along the navigation.
ZONE1 The world of light clocks:
You can learn the mechanism of time delay in the explanation part and the experience part.
ZONE2 Space Travel:
You can go on a space trip at super high speed and experience how much time is actually delayed.
Theories of science that we don't usually think about.
-Isn't everyone really wanting to know...?
A world that you may not have tried to know because it seems difficult,
Communicate in an easy-to-understand, correct, and attractive way!
Get a glimpse of the world of relativity theory through experiences that can only be done with VR.

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