Journey to the Land of the Sea


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July 14, 2021


John Numinen Foundation

“A Journey to the Land of the Sea” will take you on an adventure in the (Finnish) Archipelago Sea, whose thousands of islands and multi-faceted cultural traditions are some of the most unique in the world. This virtual experience delves deep into the heart of the archipelago – into a truly distinctive habitat and cultural environment that is vulnerable, valuable, resilient, ancient, beautiful and, to some extent, also vanishing.

During your VR experience, the narrator will lead you through the Turku Archipelago with the aid of changing 360-degree video images. The VR headset will enable you to immerse yourself in the landscape and experience the roar of the waves, the rugged cliffs, and the grazing sheep. You will hear about the unique nature of the archipelago, the state of the Archipelago Sea, folktales about giants who built Troy Towns, and how people have adapted to the demanding conditions of the archipelago’s unique natural environment.

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November 14, 2021


Real 3d 360, very nice to watch

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