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July 12, 2021


Engine Organic

Battle Sentient Intelligent robots with digital weaponry in this fast-paced, early-access, VR shooter. With intuitive VR controls, HAX aims to stay true to the fun and excitement offered by traditional shooters, while harnessing the power and immersion of virtual reality. While this demo is single player only, when complete, HAX will be a multiplayer game.

HAX is currently in development by Engine Organic Ltd. The Multiplayer version of the game is currently in pre-alpha testing and will be released later this year (2024). For more insight into HAX please visit EngineOrganic.com/HAX

Discord: https://discord.gg/XjsSVQKRwt

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February 7, 2022


This game deserves alot if attention very fun alot of stuff to unlock and i feel this is going in the right direction. When multiplayer comes out it will be even better. The game mechanics run so well either sitting or standing. I was working up a sweat after 2 hours i thought i had a tear coming down my face. Alot of things to unlock like pistols,smg,shotgun, AR and all the attachments. You have to have so many kills to unlock it and playing on medium seems about roght in my opinion. Not to hard and not to easy. O yea its a Free demo. Just download it and give it a try. If you dont like it then delete it that simple.

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