Tactical Assault VR


Release date

June 6, 2022


Twisted Barrel Games

Become part of an elite special forces unit and use real-world CQB (Close Quarters Battles) tactics to breach doors, clear rooms, and defeat the enemy threat.


• Play Solo or with up to 4 friends in cross-play supported coop between PCVR and Meta Quest 2 players.

• Utilize an arsenal of weapons, scopes, sight attachments, explosives, and equipment.

• Consider physics-based bullet drop and time-to-hit for a more challenging sim.

• Use stealth to sneak up behind enemies with a silent knife kill or butt-stock hit to the head. Or go head-to-head against AI enemies that will take cover and attempt to flank your position.

• Randomized Enemy positions make each play-through an unknown challenge.

• Non-linear, asymmetrical maps give players an endless variety in how they choose to infiltrate and complete missions. Enter buildings through doors, climb ladders to reach rooftops or climb through windows. The choice is yours.

• Train hard in 2 variations of the Room Randomizer killhouse (complete with overhead catwalk), solo or with your friends. Lobby hosts have full control to add enemies, hostages, targets, and randomized rooms.

• Test your skills against other players in multiplayer 5v5 PvP

Tactical Assault VR is currently an early-access release.

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Aaron Sommers

June 7, 2022


Really fun, I wanted a breaching military game. Need smooth turning Plz. Game is coming along nicely

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