Target React Force


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January 4, 2023


Inside Universe

Sharpen and develop your skills and tactics against the randomly spawned soft targets.
Practice your reload speeds and your side arm transitions at the firing range

Use the Intel/Planning Room to plot out your plans and tactics.
What entrance point do you think is the best?
How will you maneuver?
What areas will you clear first and prioritise?
When and where will you use your flashbangs?
What weapon will you take?
What entrance point do you think is the best?

Execute your plan against live targets
Do you have the trigger discipline?
Do you have the shot?
Do you have what it takes?
Can you secure the hostages?

True random spawn system:
True random spawn system to make each time unpredictable and replayable.
Live targets will also randomly move throughout the layout to keep you on your toes.
Each layout will also have a random amount of targets and civilians so you never know how much or how little to expect each time.

There won't be any hand holding here, for example it's on you to be aware of how much you're shooting. There won't be any ammo counters, it's all on you not to get caught out.
In the heat of the moment did you fail to fully arm your gun? There won't be any highlighted parts to help you out. Remain calm and quickly fix your issue or quickly transition to your sidearm.
if you go through a doorway without lowering your gun, you will find your gun being blocked by a wall and will be unable to shoot your target.

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