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July 16, 2022


Monochrome, Inc.

HeadCount is an action-packed bullet-hell VR shooter with a focus on old-school arcade action with an approachable gameplay style that anyone can just jump in and start playing right away in vibrant, stylized battlefields.

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July 19, 2022


I seen this game pop up on side quest and the trailer looked pretty fun, I always liked that style shooter like Gladiatus. The price was little high but I thought If I didn't like it I could always refund in first 30 min. Well I played for last couple hours and it's really fun and has few areas love to see improve. It's sorta free movement, you have a big green circle you can move around in and once you complete area it travels you forward. The gun play is actually pretty nice I do wish that manual reload would be an option for future. There are several maps including zombie level and minigames. There is a lot to unlock and that is were the replay ability comes in plus there is 3 different difficulties. One big issue I had over and over was if you bend down to dodge bullets or to get behind something when you get up you are way to tall and have to reset hight in pause menu everytime that was biggest thing that needs fixed also manual reload be nice besides that pretty good game that I could see on Meta Store really soon. Update I have changed score from a 4 to 5 because this game is addicting trying unlock stuff and the levels are so beautifully made in this art style. I can't believe I haven't seen any VR YouTubers review yet, but I'm leaving messages on all there channels to try it. If developer keeps updating with new levels and possibly multiplayer PvP which would be cool if you moved like it currently does but the player your going against is moving like that but on opposite sides and building and other props were in between both of you that could be different enough to make this game be a hit stand out from other shooters. KEEP UP GREAT WORK!!!

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