Hellish Gate(Hand Tracking)



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Welcome to Hell!

You will face a variety of enemies within the depths of Hell! Unleash your arsenal of hand gesture-recognized weapons and engage in thrilling battles with them! Victory shall belong to the brave warriors! If you pass all the levels, you will be reborn as a human under the care of God!

This is an adventure game based on the mysterious legends of the East. It combines elements from Eastern folklore, such as the eerie Yellow Springs Road, the fateful Naihe Bridge, the captivating Forgetfulness Water, and the enigmatic Black and White Impermanence. While having fun, you'll also get a taste of the mystique of Eastern culture!

In the game, you have over forty weapons recognized through hand gestures at your disposal. Each weapon possesses its own unique characteristics. You can freely switch between various guns, knives, scepters, bows and arrows, magic orbs, and more. In each level, giant clams serve as the gateway to the next level, while giant conches provide you with hints or background information.Touching them will trigger effects.

Once you become familiar with them, you will experience the dual enjoyment of oriental culture and gesture recognition!

Let us embark on this adventurous journey together!

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March 24, 2022


Understanding the story design of the game requires an understanding of eastern culture. The operational design needs to be improved.

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