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May 11, 2021


Chesstar Studios

Choose your Hibow hero and be the last one standing on the future bow fight battlefield!
-Realistic arrow fight in the air.
The ultra-smooth VR arrow simulation guaranteed by development over 3 years, together with the muscle memory flight movement system, will give you a unique VR experience like no other.
-Battle of wits
Choose your hero and use different skill and trait combinations for different battle situations.
The fast-paced gameplay with silky smooth flight movements allows you to react quickly and take the right strategic option, giving you complete control in every dogfight.
-Diverse weapon and gear upgrade options
Choose from a wide selection of bows and arrows, including sniper bows and scattered, explosive and blinding arrows. Continue to upgrade your gear and gain an edge on the battlefield by your wisdom.
-Diverse game modes with constant creative updates
Hibow never goes stale with a steady stream of new contents such as heroes, maps, game modes, weapons and seasonal leagues.

Need Help?
contact us through Discord, mail, or simply leave comment, wheather for support or feedback, we are always happy to answer.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/hibow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HibowVR

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December 30, 2021


Waited about a month before giving my official opinion. But, overall hibow is a great game with distinguishing features that sets it apart from other VR games. For this to be an applab application; a game still in development, they have several game options to choose from that'll help you get better at the overall game. With the simple bow hookclaw mechanics and teleportation, it makes it so easy to move in game, which is a plus since engagements are fast paced. The game creators say there's new skills and things coming to the game which can only make the future of the game even more exciting. The current path of the game is a fun one to walk upon.

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