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May 11, 2021


Chesstar Studios

The game's intense arrow shooting, excellent flying experience, innovative movement and cool skills allow players to immerse themselves in the virtual battle of "arrow" shadow.

-Multi-platform unhindered global players to play together.
-Multi-mode for the players to choose at your will.
-Super smooth VR archery simulation experience from Airranger continuous iteration.
-The unique muscle memory flight movement system makes players enjoy it!
-Incredible diversity of bow characteristics, sniping, scattering, explosions, blinding to make the
player more enjoyable!
-Complete with a wealth of sub-weapons and adrenaline-pumping skills system.
-Full-body IK system and varied dress-up stores make the character no longer monotonous.
-A variety of social play to meet the social needs of players, so you are no longer alone in the battle.
-Multiple ranking system, season system and complete guide OB system, so that the exciting moments can also be blooming globally.

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December 30, 2021


Waited about a month before giving my official opinion. But, overall hibow is a great game with distinguishing features that sets it apart from other VR games. For this to be an applab application; a game still in development, they have several game options to choose from that'll help you get better at the overall game. With the simple bow hookclaw mechanics and teleportation, it makes it so easy to move in game, which is a plus since engagements are fast paced. The game creators say there's new skills and things coming to the game which can only make the future of the game even more exciting. The current path of the game is a fun one to walk upon.

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