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November 30, 2023


Typico Games s.r.o.

Dreamlike VR Platformer Adventure

Take a journey through surreal landscapes and fantastical architecture with your physical movements directly translating to in-game actions. You will experience classic platforming like never before while bending the time itself to your will.

True VR Experience: No joystick walking! All in-game movements correspond to your real-life actions, making for an engaging and immersive adventure.

Dreamy Worlds: Explore mesmerising environments filled with whimsical architecture and otherworldly charm.

Time for a challenge: Test your skills by climbing rotating towers, chasing gondolas across misty lakes and even bending the time itself to overcome intricate puzzles, and environmental challenges.

Classic Platformer Feel: Enjoy the nostalgia of traditional platformers, now enhanced by the immersive power of virtual reality.

Try out 3 full levels and tutorials in our Free Demo to get a taste of the captivating experience that awaits you in Next Move.


Running: Swing your hands like you do while running/walking.
Jumping: Swing both hands upward.
Climbing: Grab the ladder with your hands.
Air Control: Swing your hands in the air.

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