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March 29, 2023


Hyper Gamey

CopterStrike is a thrilling virtual reality game that immerses players in intense multiplayer helicopter battles in colorful, low poly and highly performant environments. With realistic controls and a complex HUD, players can pilot their choppers with precision as they engage in fast-paced dogfights. The low-poly environment provides a visually stunning backdrop for the action, with the added challenge of avoiding crashes and obstacles.

In CopterStrike, players have the ability to take out their enemies with a combination of turret control and rocket fire. The intense gameplay is made even more immersive with voice chat, allowing players to coordinate with their team and strategize in real-time.

The game features a variety of multiplayer game modes, including Football, Racing, Blast On (this game mode is a direct 1v1 or 1v1v1 round based match on a small map with boundaries) , deathmatch, team deathmatch, 3-team deathmatch, domination (capture the flag), 3-team domination and 2 Co-Op game modes: Zombie Outbreak and Desert Strike. The Co-Op game modes can be played solo as well!

The game also features 30 single player challenges with leaderboards! After the player completes those challenges with 3 stars each they will unlock a special bobble head item!

Whether playing solo or with friends, CopterStrike is a must-play for fans of fun, action-packed virtual reality games.

To find our Discord or other social media visit the game's website at: https://copterstrikevr.com

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