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October 22, 2021



Battle for survival against the mysterious Hordz!

Test your dexterity to your puny human limits, unleashing your twin lightning wands to defend against waves of unforgiving foes. Battle witches, goblins, vampires, skeleton bikers and other members of the "fundead". Can you perform intricate monster kill-moves under unrelenting pressure? Probably not, but you should give it a try anyway!

- Fight using magic wands!
- Get a workout wielding spiked maces in the new Melee mode!
- Over 80 levels of VR horror action.
- Perform simultaneous kills for higher scores.
- Silly monster sound effects and pumping original tunez.

This is an App Lab game, and as such is IN-DEVELOPMENT, so we have a ton of new features ready to be added, plus more in the pipeline.

- 360 mode with multiple fogs.
- Projectile weapons.

COMING LATER (HOPEFULLY - but not guaranteed):
- Level editor.
- Movement within levels.

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March 24, 2022


So, the game is good, fun to play with waves lasting just enough to give you that successfulness gratification, doesn't let you get bored of interminable and exhausting never ending waves or unachievable enemies, which is good and enemies get added progressively with different dynamics each one, I think is specially good for families or to show the potential of VR to friends. Is still in an early stage I believe but is fully playable, maybe as the ither comment said, the tutorial could be improved but it adds to the mix haha. Wondering how far this game will go.

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